Vision  Quality Sustainable Construction

Mission  Everything You Need for Your Works


Like most people we always found it difficult to find good professionals for our construction works and repairs. We would ask for contacts from our family and friends, a solution that turned out expensive, slow, and low quality most of the times.

Then we decided to create an internet platform, listing construction professionals on the internet, that everyone could access freely, solving the problem of finding reliable construction professsionals.

To reduce the cost and time length of our constructions, we decided to create new construction management systems, and also hire all the pros and materials directly through our platform. By doing so we managed to save between 20% and 40% in our construction costs.

Finaly, we discovered that many construction works, such as demolitions, walls, ceilings, tiling and painting, could be done by ourselves and our clients, by studying the proper manuals. And this is how we rebuilt a 60m2 house in ruins from the 1930s, spending only 25.000€.